Using Appellate Decisions to Evaluate the Impact of Judicials Elections (with B. McCannon) – Revise and Resubmit
⚬ Media Coverage: Citizen-Times USA Today

Peers or Police? Monitoring and Punishment in the Provision of Public Goods (with L. Gee) – Revise and Resubmit

Honest Abe or Doc Holliday? Bluff, Cheap Talk, and Conflict in Bargaining (with B. McCannon) – Revise and Resubmit [Paper]

Fracking and Risky Sexual Activity (with S. Cunningham and B. Smith) – Revise and Resubmit

Craigslist’s Effect on Violence Against Women (with S. Cunningham and J. Tripp) [Paper] – Revise and Resubmit

The Role of Beauty in the Organization of Sex Work Markets (with S. Cunnigham and E. Smith) – Revise and Resubmit

Police Response Time and Crime Escalation (with M. Toger and S. Weisburd)

Measuring Sex Trafficking (with M. Cafarella, J. Dunnmon and C. Ré)

Ambiguity in Enforcement (with E. Calford)

Not as I do: Hypocrisy Aversion and Optimal Punishment (with M. Makwosky and B. McCannon)

Signaling in the Market for Commercial Sex (with S. Cunningham)

An Actual Arms Race: Law Enforcement Assaults by the Mentally Ill (with G. Edwards and A. Cardazzi)

Unemployment Shocks, Gun Laws and Suicide (with M. Garner, U. Le, and S. Nishioka)

The Consequences of Citizen Complaints against Police Conduct (with M. Gomies and R. Romaniuc)

Predicting Use of Force in Policing (with H. Johnson and E. Weisburst)

Cops and Rent-a-Cops: Public and Private Provision of Security (with S. Jacobson)

The Effect of Law Enforcement on Safety: Evidence from a Personnel Discontinuity

The Role of Ambiguity in Laws and Norms (with E. Dimant and R. Romaniuc)

Sheriff’s Elections and Crime Rates (with R. Boylan and M. Yun)

Ambiguity, Inequality and Risk across the Primates (with S. Beckman and S. Brosnan)

Policing for Profit: The Political Economy of Law Enforcement (with A. Harvey and M. Mungan)

The Role of Ambiguity in Laws and Norms (with E. Dimant and R. Romaniuc)

The Specific and General Deterrence Effects of Expungements: An Experimental Study (with B. Deffains, R. Espinosa, M. Mungan, R. Romaniuc)